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Many people promise you the perfect property. But "perfect" is highly subjective, especially in this context. No matter how immaculate, energy-efficient and comfortable an apartment or house may be - your eye and your ideas may see it very differently. An open kitchen - a dream for many. For you, however, it may be a real nightmare if food smells wafting through the entire apartment are more of a thorn in your side or your nose.  

In order to really find the property of your dreams, I take a lot of time to get to know you, your needs and wishes and to fully understand them. Because the more precise my picture of you is, the more accurate my property search and selection will be for you.

MY MOTTO: As much time as necessary, as little time as possible. So that you reach your destination easily, safely and quickly.

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exceptionally beautiful properties in the best locations in and around the Isar Valley.

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always go the extra mile to make your real estate dream come true.

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Decades of experience and excellent knowledge of the regional market

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